Complete native apps iPhone, Android, Windows Phone with backend and APIs source code

What is apps W series ?

It’s a complete native mobile project that you can buy for 30 USD.
It contains

  • 3 native apps source code for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.
  • MySQL database
  • a CMS to manage the content of your apps
  • APIs between the apps and the database

Once you buy the project, you receice the source code and can update it by yourself.

In less than 3 minutes, receive a complete native app project with a quick start documentation.

Why apps W series?

During the last few years, we used this project only for us.
We want more people to be part on mobile app fantastic world.
So here came the idea to propose all our source code project for only a few dollars.

So apps W series is now alive for all.

So easy to use

Once you get the source, read the quick start documentation.
Follow it and after a few minutes, you can build your project.
You need at least last Xcode version, Android studio or Windows Phone Visual Studio.
Backend and APIs are developed in PHP 5.4 and MySQL using YiiFramework. So you can run it on all LAMP servers.

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